PVS-Studio: static code analysis technology

PVS-Studio provides static analyzers for C, C++, C# and Java languages on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. PVS-Studio analyzers can vary slightly due to certain features that the languages have. However, all our analyzers share common technologies and approaches to the implementation of static analysis.

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1000 eyes that don’t want to check open-source code

There’s a myth that open-source software is better and safer that the closed one. This was reasonably questioned many times. People regularly find epic vulnerabilities in the open source code. These vulnerabilities have been there for a long time. I think the project quality depends on how the development managers arrange the process and what methodologies/tools are used. It has nothing to do with the project being open source or closed source.

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C++ for Beginners: Tips to Write Better Code

When you are just starting to learn how to code, sometimes you may need practical tips from more experienced developers. What is a best practice for a specific scenario? What do you need to avoid? How to write better code? We took it upon us to help you out. Here’s a selection of 8 tips for beginner C++ developers.

Have fun watching this video and coding 🙂

Static analysis protects your code from time bombs

Static code analysis allows you to identify and eliminate many defects at an early stage. Moreover, it’s possible to detect dormant errors that don’t show themselves when they appear. They can cause many problems in the future and it requires many hours of debugging to detect them. Let’s look at an example of such a dormant error.

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