One more tool is now free

Static code analyzers are tools that help programmers find bugs on the earliest stages of development.

We are happy to announce that now you can use PVS-Studio static code analyzer for free, for educational purposes, so that individual developers and enthusiastic teams could also fully use it. To find out how to use this tool for free – please read the following sections.


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C Programming Tips

C is one of the most important and widely used of all programming languages. It is a powerful language that can be used not only to build general-purpose applications but also to write “low-level” programs that interact very closely with the computer hardware.


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About the danger of programming errors

What is an error? According to Wikipedia: unintentional deviation from right actions, deeds and thoughts; the difference between the expected or measured and real value. We make errors every day. Some bring inconvenience only to us; others can have more serious consequences. This article provides facts about programming errors that could have been avoided if the code analysis was done more correctly.


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