Job Opportunities for Skilled C++ Candidates

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C++ is an extension of C language. C++ programming language is complex, but strongly preferred in today’s IT sector. You will come across some part of its codebase in generally every system or program. It is the first language developers interested in programming start with. You can learn it with ease as it is purely a concept-based language. The syntax is uncomplicated, so you can easily replicate its writing. Its use is regarded as a safe language due to its valuable features and security. People learn C++ because of several reasons –

  • Popularity & chances of high salary jobs
  • Wide library support
  • Used in today’s databases like MySQL, MemSQL, etc. 
  • All operating systems have C and C++ languages [Windows, Android, Linux, etc.].
  • Used in compilers as backend programming language [GNU Compiler Collection or GCC].
  • Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are popular web browsers that contain C++ because it gives the needed speed to display content.
  • Due to the C++ speed factor, it is included in graphics.
  • In embedded systems like GPS systems, Smartwatches, etc.
  • It is portable and easily moved across multiple platforms.

Let’s explore job opportunities for candidates skilled in C/C++ language

  • Junior programmer – Career can be started with coding. It is the first coding stage, which will need experience of 3 to 4 years to get promoted to a senior programmer. Your job will include basic coding, technical documentation, reviewing the codes, and debugging. 
  • Senior programmer – The candidate needs to have 4+ years of coding experience and specific expertise and skill level. You will need to supervise and train junior programmers. You will need to directly interact with clients as you are designated a senior programmer post.
  • Software developer – Software developer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing new applications or upgrading an ongoing business projects. In the IT team, a software developer will work closely with the system analysts, UX designers, and other developers. 
  • Quality analyst – The candidate will analyze every feature of the application, a software developer designed. 
  • Software developer engineer – It includes all the duties of software developers along with deep knowledge about computer hardware. You need to have acquaintance with the hardware components, structure, and digital logic of a computer system. A candidate with a B. Tech or B.E degree in IT or computer science with some experience is preferred for this post.
  • C/C++ analyst – You will need to know the advanced technologies prevailing to develop software with a competitive edge. The software has to fulfill the user’s demands and needs. 
  • Programming architect – A software engineer with work experience of 5+ years in developing myriads of projects in C & C++ language is designated the post of programming architect.
  • Game programmer – A computer or software engineer is eligible for this post. They need to have coding knowledge relevant to developing gaming software like game development tools. 
  • Back-end or server-side developer – The task will be to conduct your business website’s off-page activities. The main focus segments include website structure, scripting, and database management system.
  • Embedded engineer – C and C++ is machine level language, which compiler understands. To develop an embedded system, you need to have a B. Tech or B.E degree in IT or computer science. 
  • Database developer – Every organization needs an employee that maintains their database. A database developer must design, review, troubleshoot, and modify databases. 

Today, every person associated with the computer is familiar with C/C++ programming language. The salary you can expect to earn as C/C++ programmer will depend on your qualifications, skill level, and experience. In the US, the average salary of a C++ programmer is $118,076 per year. A software developer’s median salary is $102,620 annually. 

Now, you know the avenues open for C/C++ language. It is not an outdated language but the majority of new technologies emerging use C++ as their main or secondary language. C/C++ is here to stay for decades to come. 

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