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BUG OF THE MONTH | Always true

public override void VerifyCanExecuteCommand(
  ServerStore store, TransactionOperationContext context, bool isClusterAdmin
  using (context.OpenReadTransaction())
    var read = store.Cluster.GetCertificateByThumbprint(context, Name);
    if (read == null)

    var definition = JsonDeserializationServer.CertificateDefinition(read);
    if (
      definition.SecurityClearance != SecurityClearance.ClusterAdmin ||
      definition.SecurityClearance != SecurityClearance.ClusterNode     


Analyzer warning: V3022 Expression is always true. Probably the ‘&&’ operator should be used here. DeleteCertificateFromClusterCommand.cs(21) Raven.Server

Another example of a situation where almost certainly the wrong logical operator was chosen. In this case, the condition is always true, because the variable isn’t exactly equal to at least one of the values that it is compared with.

I suppose that “||” should be replaced with “&&”. Then the above fragment will make sense. If the logical operator is chosen correctly, it is most likely that other variables should be compared in one of the conditions. Anyway, this fragment looks very fishily and it must be analyzed.

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