Command & Conquer


BUG OF THE MONTH | Array overrun

V557 Array overrun is possible. The ‘QuantityB’ function processes value ‘[0..86]’. Inspect the first argument. Check lines: ‘HOUSE.H:928’, ‘CELL.CPP:2337’. HOUSE.H 928

typedef enum StructType : char {
} StructType;
int BQuantity[STRUCT_COUNT-3];
int QuantityB(int index) {return(BQuantity[index]);}
bool CellClass::Goodie_Check(FootClass * object)
  int bcount = 0;
  for( j=0; j < STRUCT_COUNT; j++) {     bcount += hptr->QuantityB(j);

There are a lot of global variables in the code and it is obvious that they are easy to get confused. The analyzer’s warning about an array index out of bounds is issued at the point of accessing the BQuantity array by index. The array size is 84 elements. Algorithms for analyzing the data flow in the analyzer helped to find out that the index value comes from another function – Goodie_Check. There, a loop is executed with a final value of 86. Therefore, 12 bytes of “someone’s” memory (3 int elements) are constantly being read in this place.

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