Top IT Conferences and Events in 2020

Author: Bailey Belmont
The year 2019 was rich with diverse IT events, conferences, and forums that gave thousands of specialists priceless baggage of knowledge and state-of-the-art solutions for their challenging business operations. In fact, more than 25 global conferences have already been held and curated by leading industry professionals.

This number points to an obvious fact – technological education is now in higher demand than ever, especially given the rapidly growing AI development. Yes, the future keeps speaking louder every day. That’s why we’ve created a compilation of top IT conferences across the US and Europe you have no right to miss for staying ahead of the curve.

Our list covers events for all specialists, from data managers to cloud experts. So hurry up to reserve your ticket to the future of the IT business!

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Missed semicolon

PVS-Studio warning: V504 It is highly probable that the semicolon ‘;’ is missing after ‘return’ keyword. AdvancedSettings.cpp:1476

void CAdvancedSettings::SetExtraArtwork(const TiXmlElement* arttypes,
   std::vector& artworkMap)
  if (!arttypes)
  const TiXmlNode* arttype = arttypes->FirstChild("arttype");

The code formatting suggests the following execution logic:

  • if arttypes is a null pointer, the method returns;
  • if arttypes is a non-null pointer, the artworkMap vector gets cleared and some actions are then performed.

But the missing ‘;’ character breaks it all, and the actual execution logic is as follows:

  • if arttypes is a null pointer, the artworkMap vector gets cleared and the method returns;
  • if arttypes is a non-null pointer, the program executes whatever actions come next but the artworkMap vector doesn’t get cleared.

To cut a long story short, this situation does look like a bug. After all, you hardly expect anyone to write expressions like return artworkMap.clear(); :).

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