Clang 11

BUG OF THE MONTH | Modulo operation on 1

void Act() override {
  // If the value type is a vector, and we allow vector select, then in 50%
  // of the cases generate a vector select.
  if (isa(Val0->getType()) && (getRandom() % 1)) {
    unsigned NumElem =
    CondTy = FixedVectorType::get(CondTy, NumElem);

PVS-Studio diagnostic message: V1063 The modulo by 1 operation is meaningless. The result will always be zero. llvm-stress.cpp 631

The programmer is using a modulo operation to get a random value of either 0 or 1. But the value seems to confuse developers andmake them write the classic anti-pattern in which the modulo operation is performed on 1 instead of 2. The X % 1 operation is meaningless as it always evaluates to 0. This is the fixed version:

if (isa<FixedVectorType>(Val0->getType()) && (getRandom() % 2)) {

The recently added V1063 diagnostic is awfully simple, but, as you can see, it works perfectly.

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