BUG OF THE MONTH | An odd implicit type casting

V601 The integer type is implicitly cast to the char type. Game.cpp 4997

void Game::loadquick(....)

  else if (pKey == "totalflips")
      totalflips = atoi(pText);
  else if (pKey == "hardestroom")
      hardestroom = atoi(pText);
  else if (pKey == "hardestroomdeaths")
      hardestroomdeaths = atoi(pText);


To understand what’s going on, let’s take a look at the variables’ definitions from the given part of code:

//Some stats:
int totalflips;
std::string hardestroom;
int hardestroomdeaths;

totalflips and hardestroomdeaths variables are integer, so it’s perfectly normal to assign them the result of the atoi function. But what happens if you assign an integer value to std::string? Such assignment turns out to be valid from the language perspective. As a result, an unclear value will be written in the hardestroom variable!

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