Top IT Conferences and Events in 2020

Author: Bailey Belmont
The year 2019 was rich with diverse IT events, conferences, and forums that gave thousands of specialists priceless baggage of knowledge and state-of-the-art solutions for their challenging business operations. In fact, more than 25 global conferences have already been held and curated by leading industry professionals.

This number points to an obvious fact – technological education is now in higher demand than ever, especially given the rapidly growing AI development. Yes, the future keeps speaking louder every day. That’s why we’ve created a compilation of top IT conferences across the US and Europe you have no right to miss for staying ahead of the curve.

Our list covers events for all specialists, from data managers to cloud experts. So hurry up to reserve your ticket to the future of the IT business!

IT Conferences for CIOs

The Wall Street Journal CIO Network

When – March 2-3

Where – San Francisco

Link to Event –

The Wall Street Journal CIO Network is the event of special status: the most powerful and brightest minds will summon there for the purpose of sharing business development ideas and solutions. During the conference, every member will get access to a vast space of exclusive insights, brainstorming atmosphere, and partnership opportunities in between networking breaks.

The annual meeting will embrace such topics as ‘The CIO as C-suite leader’, ‘Enterprise applications for 5G and quantum computing’, ‘Scaling innovation’, ‘Maximization of CEO/CIO relationship’, ‘Management practices throughout national regulatory regimes’, ‘Robotic process automation and the enterprise’. The active discussion of these IT business’s points is guaranteed by conference speakers – who are the best performing WSJ executives.

American CIO & IT Summit

When – May 28-29

Where – Chicago

Link to Event –

This Generis American CIO and IT Summit are designed to make sure that your business will never get multiplied by zero. For this, the speakers of the conference will use the most effective instrument of all – the power of words. By voicing their battle-tested tips and personal professional experiences, the leaders will provide you with incomparable business enlightenment.

On top of that, you’ll have a chance to meet business peers, make new contacts and get to know fresh perspectives (or upgrade your previous knowledge) on different burning tech topics. These include IT systems evolution, leading digital transformation, a distillation of the digital ecosystem, IT talent and the role of the new CIO, technology and data management throughout exponential growth, and many others.

Each and every member of the Generis summit will find something relevant for their own business amplification, be it a sudden personal discovery or a prominent idea.

Forbes CIO Summit

When – April 15-16

Where – Half Moon Bay, California

Link to Event –

The organizers of this upcoming two-day conference for CIOs will dedicate their efforts to the creation of explosive educational mix paired with partnership spirit. As an IT professional, you’ll discover which contemporary information technology issues are on the agenda, as well as get advice on the most effective tactics for their resolution.

Get ready to inject innovative IT decisions into your daily business approach – experienced tech speakers will surely help you with that. And the top of this cake will be an insightful sharing of crucial thoughts and on-location organizing openings that will hopefully light tech specialists a road to the initiation of future trends.

IT Conferences for Cloud Space Experts

Google Cloud Next

When – April 6-8

Where – San Francisco

Link to Event –

Have you ever been to an interactive IT conference before? If not, grab your chance to visit one! Google Cloud Next is a one-of-its-kind summit available for every expert who wants to expand their cloud horizons and absorb new bits of information for their prompt realization. During the period of 3 days, each tech-savvy will get involved in a space of networking, learning, and collaboration which, as everyone knows, doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

By purchasing a ticket for $1,699 (group discounts, government rates, and academic passes are available), you’ll not only have an opportunity to interact with IT professionals but also hear leading brands spill the tea about the up-to-the-minute Google Cloud innovations. The summit includes more than 500 IT sessions, during which you can get answers to all your business problems, both minor and major ones.

Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit

When – October 5-7

Where – Las Vegas

Link to Event –


As the cloud technology keeps evolving and you simply can’t lag behind, visiting this conference is just what the doctor ordered. A private platform with 50+ speakers working in tandem to enrich your business knowledge will be entirely at your disposal during the event.

On top of that, more than 500 like-minded members will be present there, all of them seeking development solutions as much as you do. Imagine what kind of atmosphere will be circulating in the conference hall?

You can get behind the scenes now and check out the program before registering – this will give you a general understanding of whether the summit will touch your field of expertise. The conference will cover such topics as key M&A trends, Multicloud/hybrid IT environments, prospects for Services Providers, Building the cloud of trust, and a dozen others. You can explore all the topics in detail by visiting the official page of the event.

Microsoft Ignite

When – February 6-7

Where – Washington D.C

Link to Event –


This conference grants you a chance to take a walk on the completely new tech side, where dozens of executives and experts give practical insights about the future of AI and machine learning, along with prominent IT solutions that might be invaluable for your own business.

The event will feature more than 1000 sessions aimed at giving cloud and other IT experts useful recommendations on how they can ‘ignite’ the industry and explore recent tendencies. Among the interactive options that will be accessible for all visitors, there are Development and Architecture Center, hands-on demos, assisted troubleshooting, Microsoft Mechanics Theater, and others.

IT Conferences for Software Developers

SaaStr Annual

When – March 10-12

Where – San Francisco

Link to Event –


This next year’s conference is perhaps the most anticipated one among all software creators, for its scope is undeniably imposing. See for yourself – more than 300 educational sessions will be available for registered members, on a par with 1-on-1 and small group meetings. The overall duration of the event is 3 days, saturated with intense learning programs and recharging breaks tailored specifically for IT experts.

More than 300 professional speakers will be ready to share their best practices with you. And don’t hesitate if your company size is small – SaaStr Annual has something to offer businesses of all volumes! The pricing packages for the event vary from $927 to $2, 475 depending on your level of expertise. So if you’re a B2B founder, executive, or investor, boldly opt for this event.

DevOps Enterprise Summit

When – September 22-24

Where – Las Vegas

Link to Event –

The next event on our list is even more popular than casino in Las Vegas. At DevOps Enterprise Summit, you hit the jackpot instantly by getting exclusive access to the vast space of IT knowledge from the top-rated technology and business leaders across the world. This conference is designed with the purpose to give IT leaders advanced working tools and best DevOps practices that’ll help them reach new business heights in a flash.

All the informative sessions will be curated by influential IT players who know well the subtleties of software development. Granted, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and talk with business insiders in person, so don’t miss it.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress

When – May 28-29

Where – Berlin

Link to Event –


Two days, 10,100 developers, more than 250 speakers, and 80+ workshops – these are the numbers that speak volumes about what a big IT summit is going to take place in Germany. That’s the world’s flagship conference for IT developers who want to gain the skills for becoming a part of a new technological inclusion.

Hundreds of awarded leaders will be spilling the beans on best practices and work through such an immediate question as where the global IT business is heading today and how can software savvy merge into it painlessly. Speaking of entrance fees, there are both regular and premium passes with prices ranging from 129€ to 379€.

As a return of this investment, you’ll get experience opportunities and access to hands-on sessions, during which you’ll become a part of grand technological enlightenment.

The whole technology universe is constructed by a gamut of almighty creators: CISOs, data experts, technicians, analysts, engineers, consultants and many more. All these people work in synergy to produce the results users actively use today. So it’s hard to deny the fact that such professionals will never stop on their tracks on the way to creating meaningful technological advancements.

And that’s what IT conferences and summits are for – to unite powers, share experiences, and give resources for the implementation of new practices in the new decade.

Other events we covered:


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