BUG OF THE MONTH | Buffer overflow

V531 It is odd that a sizeof() operator is multiplied by sizeof(). cmGlobalVisualStudioGenerator.cxx 558

bool IsVisualStudioMacrosFileRegistered(const std::string& macrosFile,
                                        const std::string& regKeyBase,
                                        std::string& nextAvailableSubKeyName)
  if (ERROR_SUCCESS == result) {
    wchar_t subkeyname[256];                                           // <=
    DWORD cch_subkeyname = sizeof(subkeyname) * sizeof(subkeyname[0]); // <=
    wchar_t keyclass[256];
    DWORD cch_keyclass = sizeof(keyclass) * sizeof(keyclass[0]);
    FILETIME lastWriteTime;
    lastWriteTime.dwHighDateTime = 0;
    lastWriteTime.dwLowDateTime = 0;

    while (ERROR_SUCCESS ==
           RegEnumKeyExW(hkey, index, subkeyname, &cch_subkeyname, 0, keyclass,
                         &cch_keyclass, &lastWriteTime)) {

For a statically declared array, the sizeof operator will calculate size in bytes, taking into account the number of elements and their size. When evaluating the value of the cch_subkeyname variable, a developer didn’t take it into account and got a value 4 times greater than intended. Let’s explain where “four times” come from.

em>Please click here to see more bugs from this project.

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