.NET Core



V3102 Suspicious access to element of ‘seq’ object by a constant index inside a loop. XmlQueryRuntime.cs 738

public bool MatchesXmlType(IList seq, int indexType)
  XmlQueryType typBase = GetXmlType(indexType);
  XmlQueryCardinality card;

  switch (seq.Count)
    case 0: card = XmlQueryCardinality.Zero; break;
    case 1: card = XmlQueryCardinality.One; break;
    default: card = XmlQueryCardinality.More; break;

  if (!(card <= typBase.Cardinality))
    return false;

  typBase = typBase.Prime;
  for (int i = 0; i < seq.Count; i++)
    if (!CreateXmlType(seq[0]).IsSubtypeOf(typBase))
      return false;

  return true;

The for loop is executed, the expression i < seq.Count is used as an exit condition. It suggests the idea that developers want to bypass the seq sequence. But in the loop, authors access sequence elements not by using the counter – seq[i], but a number literal – zero (seq[0]).

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