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haiku-logoBUG OF THE MONTH

V519 The variable is assigned values twice successively. Perhaps this is a mistake. Check lines: 199, 204. nvme_ctrlr.c 204

static void nvme_ctrlr_set_intel_supported_features(struct nvme_ctrlr *ctrlr)
  bool *supported_feature = ctrlr->feature_supported;

  supported_feature[NVME_INTEL_FEAT_MAX_LBA] = true;
  supported_feature[NVME_INTEL_FEAT_POWER_GOVERNOR_SETTING] = true;
  supported_feature[NVME_INTEL_FEAT_SMBUS_ADDRESS] = true;
  supported_feature[NVME_INTEL_FEAT_NATIVE_MAX_LBA] = true;
  supported_feature[NVME_INTEL_FEAT_LATENCY_TRACKING] = true;
  supported_feature[NVME_INTEL_FEAT_MAX_LBA] = true;
  supported_feature[NVME_INTEL_FEAT_LED_PATTERN] = true;

The array element with the NVME_INTEL_FEAT_MAX_LBA index is assigned the same value. The good news is this function presents all possible constants which makes this code just the result of the Copy-Paste programming. But chances are errors will sneak in here.

Please click here to see more bugs from this project.

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