Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning C/C++


Many beginners and students find C/C++ language hard to master because it requires them to think a lot. There are many language-specific quirks, especially in C++, that give students and programmers a hard time. It also has a steep learning curve and is rarely used in modern application development, which prompts many people to give up learning C/C++. However, even with these challenges, it is important for students to continue learning this programming language. This article highlights reasons why one should keep learning C/C++.

  1. It enables you to learn crucial programming ideas and understand other systems
  2. C and C++ helps you create more complex programs and understand crucial ideas. Other programming languages such as Python and Perly are useful for creating short scripts, but high-level programming will require knowledge of C/C++. These other languages may seem convenient because they provide you with everything and you do not need to learn or do much manually. However, this is not beneficial to a student or programmer because it is ideal that they learn how to create and do these bits.

  3. C/C++ is fast and efficient
  4. Higher level languages take more time to sort out because they are interpreted. C/C++ are faster and much more efficient. This should encourage you to keep learning these languages. Simplicity is another factor that provides efficiency in this particular case. C is simple and enables you to better grasp writing codes, compared to using high-level languages. This is possible because it has key words, raw pointers, and bitwise operators.

  5. There are many successful C/C++ projects
  6. Many big data engineers have used these languages to complete successful projects. C/C++ uses elements of other higher programming languages to make a combination that suits many projects. Developers are becoming creative while working with C/C++ to ensure that the projects are satisfactory. Some companies can provide you with engineers who will work only on your project or suggest recommendations on the project using C/C++, such as ActiveWizards.

  7. It influences and helps you learn other advanced programming languages
  8. C/C++ is a great influencer for other programming languages. These languages include Python, Numpy, and Java, which are built by C/C++. It explores the theories behind the languages, making you efficient in coding and programming. Learning C/C++ gives you the foundation to advance to other programming languages that are more complex. The simplicity of the language also creates a clear path for you to perform simple tasks.

  9. Many code samples are done in C/C++
  10. Many operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Android, and Mac are written in C/C++. Modern game engines and browsers like Firefox and Chrome are also written in C/C++. It has a long history with game development compared to other languages, which puts you ahead of the gaming community. The internal components of C also allow developers to have flexibility and total control over their projects.


It is evident that C/C++ can be associated with the powerful programming languages, and this is an indication that people should keep learning them. There are many more reasons and benefits of familiarizing yourself with C/C++, like complexity, total control, and creating a good image as a programmer, developer, or hacker.

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