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BUG OF THE MONTH | Incorrect string comparison

V547 Expression ‘m_resolvedName == L”en-US”‘ is always false. To compare strings you should use wcscmp() function. Calculator LocalizationSettings.h 180

wchar_t m_resolvedName[LOCALE_NAME_MAX_LENGTH];

Platform::String^ GetEnglishValueFromLocalizedDigits(....) const
  if (m_resolvedName == L"en-US")
    return ref new Platform::String(localizedString.c_str());

The example above shows incorrect comparison of strings. The programmer is in fact comparing pointers instead of string values by comparing the address of a character array with that of a string literal. These pointers are never equal, so the condition is always false, too. For correct comparison of strings, one should use the function wcscmp, for instance.

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