IntelliJ IDEA



V6001 [CWE-571] There are identical sub-expressions ‘!StringUtil.endsWithChar(name,'”‘)’ to the left and to the right of the ‘&&’ operator. 27

public synchronized boolean isIdentifier(@NotNull String name,
                                         final Project project) {
  if (!StringUtil.startsWithChar(name,'\'') &&
      !StringUtil.startsWithChar(name,'\"')) {
    name = "\"" + name;
  if (!StringUtil.endsWithChar(name,'"') &&
      !StringUtil.endsWithChar(name,'\"')) {
    name += "\"";

This code fragment checks that the name is enclosed in either single or double quotation marks. If it’s not so, double quotation marks are added automatically.

Due to a typo, the end of the name is checked only for the presence of double quotation marks. As a result, the name in single quotation marks will be processed incorrectly.

The name


due to adding extra double quotes will turn into:


Please click here to see more bugs from this project.

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