V653 A suspicious string consisting of two parts is used for initialization. It is possible that a comma is missing. Consider inspecting this literal: "oct" "chr". pythonscanner.cpp 205

// List of python built-in functions and objects
static const QSet builtins = {
  "range", "xrange", "int", "float", "long", "hex", "oct" "chr", "ord",
  "len", "abs", "None", "True", "False"

Indeed, the programmer forgot to write a comma between literals "oct" and "chr", so the two have merged into one, "octchr", and it is this literal that QtCreator highlights:

Please click here to see more bugs from this project.

One thought on “QtCreator

  1. Some compiler are so strict that they make it difficult to express anything. Other compilers can’t tell the difference between a typo and a feature.


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