BUG OF THE MONTH | CWE-762: Mismatched Memory Management Routines

V611 The memory was allocated using ‘new T[]’ operator but was released using the ‘delete’ operator. Consider inspecting this code. It’s probably better to use ‘delete [] pInlineStorage;’. sphinx.cpp 19178

To begin with, we need to look at the implementation of two macros:

#define SafeDelete(_x) \
  { if (_x) { delete (_x); (_x) = nullptr; } }
#define SafeDeleteArray(_x) \
  { if (_x) { delete [] (_x); (_x) = nullptr; } }

Now, I think you can easily detect the error yourself in this code:

int CSphIndex_VLN::DebugCheck ( FILE * fp )
  CSphRowitem * pInlineStorage = NULL;
  if ( pQword->m_iInlineAttrs )
    pInlineStorage = new CSphRowitem [ pQword->m_iInlineAttrs ];
  // cleanup
  SafeDelete ( pInlineStorage );

As you can see, the memory is allocated as for an array, and is deallocated, as if only one item was created. Instead of macro, SafeDelete the macro SafeDeleteArray should be used here.

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