Hire Dedicated Developers: Skills and Factors to Consider

Hiring new people is always a challenge. No matter whether those are your own employees or outsourced workers. However, hiring dedicated developers or team there are certain skills and factors which need to be considered. And that’s where our advices will come in handy for you.

Whether you’d like to hire a team of developers or to expand your own, going with a dedicated team is a pretty good idea. Those have lots of benefits before usually hired stuff:

  • Lower сost
  • Established presence overseas
  • No operational nightmares, just give orders
  • Enhanced technical possibilities with a professional team
  • Focus on core functions and leave the rest to the dedicated team

But there are certain skills and factors to consider when you hire dedicated developers. And here is the list of necessary issues to check, thoughtfully compiled by us for you.

Strictly define which problems your team has to solve

Asking developers to do “that, that and a bit of that” probably won’t give you the best result possible. Yes, lots of companies will tell you that they are able to do whatever you wish. However, expect to be charged for that respectively.

And if those promises are combined with ridiculously low prices, that’s a very good sign to stay away from them.

Even if that’s a decent company or team, such commanding style won’t get you far. Inevitable misunderstandings, inaccuracies and flaws might be fatal to your project.

Define the necessary skills for particular tasks

Java developer might be able to write on JavaScript. But never, just trust us, never ask him to do that on your project, unless it’s a real urgency. As everything needs years of practice to master. And programming languages – especially. Especially if that is such a constantly evolving language as JavaScript.

Yes, it is way more cheaper to hire a “Jack of all trades”. But, do you remember the second part of this saying “…, master of none”. It would be very pity if it was true in your situation. With the market so wide, you can easily find people with a particular set of skills. And for the cheaper price, of course.

Clear communication is a must

Being able to communicate clearly is critical to any project. Pretty obvious statement, but worth reminding. As throughout the project, numerous interactions and explanations will be necessary. If succinct communication and mutual understanding can’t be reached that’s a direct threat to a whole project.

So the first thing to do is to check whether that team is able to communicate fluently on the language of mutual understanding with you. It would be preferable if a whole team possessed at least some knowledge of that language.

Today it is not problem at all to find a team with a knowledge of, at least, english. The level of that knowledge is its own question.

Check the background

Portfolio of a team/company, their activity on various platforms and communities (StackOverflow and GitHub) are the main indicators here.

Are they active, and what’s more crucial – well rated, on those platforms/communities? If they do – here is your quality assurance. No – it’s better to reach out for the another team.

With portfolio – waste a few minutes of your precious time to check some projects from it. Considering those are available at all.

In both cases absent/small portfolio or low activity and rates is a good chance to bargain yourself a better price.

Find or appoint the one who will be responsible “on their side”

Often, dedicated teams, especially if those are a team of freelancers, don’t provide a professional project manager. Sometimes, even a “spare-time” PM is a rarity.

That’s up to you to negotiate the presence of the one or appoint him yourself. It will not only give you a person whom you can ask on every issue you might be interested in, but you’ll also get a supervisor who’ll discipline that team. Of course, if it’s a right person.

The “gut feel”

Sure thing, picking a right dedicated team should be thorough and scientifically-driven decision, in the first place. And we’re not arguing that at all.

But we are all humans. And you’re entrusting your idea to these people. Probably, your whole success depends on them. So it’s important to consider how you feel about them. Your “conjunction” with them.


Author – Alex Volski:

I’m a content writer at Thinkmobiles for 5 years, and a big fan of mobile development. For now on I’m working with VR and AR. And there’s nothing better for me than the previous two combined. If you’d like to get some additional info – please contact me. And if you have something interesting – contact me. Hope to hear from you soon.


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