EFL Core Libraries


V501 There are identical sub-expressions ‘stacking2->stacking’ to the left and to the right of the ‘>’ operator. ephysics_body.cpp 450

static int
_ephysics_body_evas_stacking_sort_cb(const void *d1,
                                     const void *d2)
   const EPhysics_Body_Evas_Stacking *stacking1, *stacking2;

   stacking1 = (const EPhysics_Body_Evas_Stacking *)d1;
   stacking2 = (const EPhysics_Body_Evas_Stacking *)d2;

   if (!stacking1) return 1;
   if (!stacking2) return -1;

   if (stacking1->stacking < stacking2->stacking) return -1;
   if (stacking2->stacking > stacking2->stacking) return 1;

   return 0;

A Typo. The last comparison should be as follows:

if (stacking1->stacking > stacking2->stacking) return 1;

The error is in the comparison function, which echoes the topic of a recent article “Evil in the comparison functions“.

Please click here to see more bugs from this project.

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