V3001 There are identical sub-expressions ‘RwWait’ to the left and to the right of the ‘|’ operator. Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WP8 SplitOrderedList.cs 458

struct SimpleRwLock
  const int RwWait = 1;
  const int RwWrite = 2;
  const int RwRead = 4;
  public void EnterReadLock()
    var sw = new SpinWait();
      while ((_rwlock & (RwWrite | RwWait)) > 0)

      if ((Interlocked.Add(ref _rwlock, RwRead)
          & (RwWait | RwWait)) == 0)                

      Interlocked.Add(ref _rwlock, -RwRead);
    } while (true);

Perhaps, there is a typo in the condition of the if block, related to the fact that RwWait and RwWrite are spelled very similarly, which led to RwWait being mistakenly used twice. The condition in the while block above proves my suspicious, as the combination RwWrite | RwWait is used correctly there.

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