BUG OF THE MONTH | Memory leak

V773 The function was exited without releasing the ‘pXmlDocProject’ pointer. A memory leak is possible. projectpanel.cpp 326

bool ProjectPanel::openWorkSpace(const TCHAR *projectFileName)
  TiXmlDocument *pXmlDocProject = new TiXmlDocument(....);
  bool loadOkay = pXmlDocProject->LoadFile();
  if (!loadOkay)
    return false;        

  TiXmlNode *root = pXmlDocProject->FirstChild(TEXT("Note...."));
  if (!root) 
    return false;       

  TiXmlNode *childNode = root->FirstChildElement(TEXT("Pr...."));
  if (!childNode)
    return false;       

  if (!::PathFileExists(projectFileName))
    return false;        


  delete pXmlDocProject; 
  return loadOkay;

Dynamic memory is allocated for the pointer pXmlDocProject, but it is freed only when the function is executed till the end. Which is, most likely, a flaw, leading to memory leaks.

Please click here to see more bugs from this project.

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