If programming languages were “Game of Thrones” characters

People compare programming languages with almost everything. Knowing about the upcoming arrival of the new “Game of Thrones” season, we decided to imagine how programming languages looked like, if they were characters of this serial.

Jon Snow

C – He follows his principles. Effective and compact, manages the “hardware” quite well.
Daenerys Targaryen

JavaScript – at first, she was underestimated, but over the time became more popular even for the back-end development.


Haskell – you must be rather well prepared to understand this language. Can be beautiful and dreadful at the same time.
Arya Stark

Kotlin – quite a young language, formed under the influence of Scala and Java, but is more light-weight and well working in IDE.
Eddard Stark

Java – a powerful programming language with a great OOP model, able to manage large distributed systems
Jaqen H’ghar

Scala – able to take the form of several paradigms at once. Laconic and slightly enigmatic, which makes him even more interesting.
Tyrion Lannister

R – is mostly aimed at the data analysis, which he does really well. Can do other tasks, but not so effectively.

PHP – a lovable rogue who’s very popular with viewers. He gets things done by any means necessary. It’s often not pretty or elegant.
Jorah Mormont

Python – a universal general purpose language. True to his principles. Simple and powerful at the same time.
Stannis Baratheon

C++ – a language that is capable of almost everything, but due to its all-purposeness has to take traits of other languages, which isn’t always great for him.

SQL – owns a database, knows everything. Can provide any data. Other languages change, but he remains the same.
Syrio Forel

Pascal – the first language at schools and universities, good for learning, but is also able to demonstrate his abilities in real tasks.

Cow – a programming language, consisting of just one word, whose letters are written in various cases.
Grey Worm

Assembler – acts precisely by the instructions. Can do a lot if he is in right hands.
Ramsay Bolton

Bash/shell scripting – a language helping to manage an operating system. If given certain rights, can bring a lot of harm to a system.
Petyr Baelish

C# – a language that takes the best from other languages for his own gain, but at the same time doesn’t always provide backward compatibility.
Tommen Baratheon

Swift – quite a young programming language, but already rather popular in his sphere.
Robert Baratheon

COBOL – a while back was a popular language to write business applications. Verbose and cumbersome.
Tywin Lannister

Action Script – a language that had a great influence on the internet in olden times, but now losing its popularity.
White Walker

Glass – esoteric programming language, combining non-intuitive postfixes and complex implementation of object – oriented programming.

The given text is a translation of the text on pikabu.ru.
The pictures of the characters are taken from the web-site gameofthrones.wikia.com .
The pictures of the programming languages are found on the internet.

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