V547 Expression ‘buffer[0] == ‘\r’ && buffer[0] == ‘\n ‘ ‘ is always false. Probably the ‘||’ operator should be used here. hdr_reader.cpp 84

unsigned char *loadHdr(....)
  char buffer[MAXLINE];
  // read header
    if (! fgets(buffer, MAXLINE, fp)) goto error;
    if (buffer[0] == '\n') break;
    if (buffer[0] == '\r' && buffer[0] == '\n') break; 

There is a mistake in the marked condition that causes it to be false all the time. What the programmer actually intended was probably to exit the while loop on encountering end-of-line character sequences such as \n or \r\n. In that case, the erroneous condition should be rewritten in the following way:

if (buffer[0] == '\r' && buffer[1] == '\n') break;

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