V3001 There are identical sub-expressions ‘u.TypeArguments.Length’ to the left and to the right of the ‘!=’ operator. generic.cs 3135

public int ExactInference (TypeSpec u, TypeSpec v)
  var ac_u = (ArrayContainer) u;
  var ac_v = (ArrayContainer) v;
  var ga_u = u.TypeArguments;
  var ga_v = v.TypeArguments;
  if (u.TypeArguments.Length != u.TypeArguments.Length) 
    return 0;


Now, when the method code can not be simplified, it won’t be hard to notice an error in the if statement – the parameter v, not u, should be used as an instance of the TypeSpec type. Perhaps the error was due to the fact that the characters u and v look quite the similar, and it’s easy to confuse them if the person isn’t focused on this expression.

The rest of the code was given to underline that these parameters are usually used together,

if (u.TypeArguments.Length != v.TypeArguments.Length) 
    return 0;

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