BUG OF THE MONTH | A typo in the condition

V501 There are identical sub-expressions to the left and to the right of the ‘-‘ operator: iA->getPoint2D() – iA->getPoint2D() curve.cpp 136

CurvePoint::CurvePoint(CurvePoint *iA, CurvePoint *iB, float t3)
  if ((iA->getPoint2D() -                  
       iA->getPoint2D()).norm() < 1.0e-6) { 

Inside the CurvePoint function the program handles two objects with similar names – iA and iB. Different methods of these objects get intersected all the time in various operations in quite a long tree of conditions. There is a typo in one of these conditional blocks. As a result we have a subtraction operation between the properties of one and the same object. Without knowing the peculiarities of the code, it’s quite hard to say, in which operand we have an error.

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