V517 The use of ‘if (A) {…} else if (A) {…}’ pattern was detected. There is a probability of logical error presence. Check lines: 1448, 1454. tcenterlineskeletonizer.cpp 1448

inline void Event::processVertexEvent()
  if (newLeftNode->m_concave) {       
    newLeftNode->m_notOpposites = m_generator->m_notOpposites;
    append<vector<ContourEdge *>, vector<ContourEdge *>::....

  } else if (newLeftNode->m_concave) { 
    newRightNode->m_notOpposites = m_generator->m_notOpposites;
    append<vector<ContourEdge *>, vector<ContourEdge *>::....


We see that newLeftNode and newRightNode variables are confused in the conditions. As a result of this error, the else branch is never executed. Most probably, one of the conditions should be as follows:

if (newRightNode-> m_concave)

Please click here to see more bugs from this project.

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