BUG OF THE MONTH | A logical error

V3022 Expression ‘RowsCount > 100000’ is always false. ProcessingEngine.cs 559
V3022 Expression ‘RowsCount > 200000’ is always false. ProcessingEngine.cs 561

public void ProcessFiles(....)
  int RowsCount = 
  if (RowsCount > 20000)
    DatatableUpdateInterval = 30000; //30s
  else if (RowsCount > 100000)
    DatatableUpdateInterval = 60000; //1min
  else if (RowsCount > 200000)
    DatatableUpdateInterval = 120000; //2min

The if block contains a logical error. In case the condition RowsCount > 20000 is true, other checks will be ignored as false, and the result will always be the value DatatableUpdateInterval = 30000.

Please click here to see more bugs from this project.

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