Oracle VM VirtualBox


V625 Consider inspecting the ‘for’ operator. Initial and final values of the iterator are the same. state_transform.c 1365

crStateTransformDiff(...., CRContext *fromCtx, CRContext *toCtx )
  for (i = to->colorStack.depth; i <= to->colorStack.depth; i++) 
    LOADMATRIX(to->colorStack.stack + i);
    from->colorStack.stack[i] = to->colorStack.stack[i];

    /* Don't want to push on the current matrix */
    if (i != to->colorStack.depth)

In this code fragment the initial and final values of the for loop counter are the same. As a result, the loop will have just one iteration. Perhaps, there is a mistake here and the loop should be:

for (i = from->colorStack.depth; i <= to->colorStack.depth; i++)

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