V570 The variable is assigned to itself. skypopen_protocol.c 1512

struct SkypopenHandles {
  HWND win32_hInit_MainWindowHandle;
  HWND win32_hGlobal_SkypeAPIWindowHandle;

LRESULT APIENTRY skypopen_present(...., WPARAM uiParam, ....)
  if (!tech_pvt->SkypopenHandles.currentuserhandle) {
    tech_pvt->SkypopenHandles.api_connected = 1;
    tech_pvt->SkypopenHandles.win32_hGlobal_SkypeAPIWindowHandle =
    (HWND) uiParam;
    tech_pvt->SkypopenHandles.win32_hGlobal_SkypeAPIWindowHandle =

The analyzer has detected a variable being assigned to itself. I guess the programmer picked a wrong structure field for the second assignment operation: win32_hGlobal_SkypeAPIWindowHandle instead of win32_hInit_MainWindowHandle.

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