BUG OF THE MONTH | Strange loop

V612 An unconditional ‘return’ within a loop. crypter.cpp 169

bool CCryptoKeyStore::Unlock(const CKeyingMaterial& vMasterKeyIn)
    if (!SetCrypted())
      return false;

    CryptedKeyMap::const_iterator mi = mapCryptedKeys.begin();
    for (; mi != mapCryptedKeys.end(); ++mi)
      const CPubKey &vchPubKey = (*mi).second.first;
      const std::vector<unsigned char> &vchCryptedSecret =
      CKeyingMaterial vchSecret;
      if(!DecryptSecret(vMasterKeyIn, vchCryptedSecret,
                        vchPubKey.GetHash(), vchSecret))
          return false;
      if (vchSecret.size() != 32)
          return false;
      CKey key;
      key.Set(vchSecret.begin(), vchSecret.end(),
      if (key.GetPubKey() == vchPubKey)
      return false; 
    vMasterKey = vMasterKeyIn;
  return true;

Notice the loop: it must iterate through some keys. However, the loop body executes only once. There is the return false operator at the end of the loop, and it can also be terminated by the break operator. At the same time, there is not a single continue operator to be found.

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