Part 28. C++11 and 64-bit Issues

The time goes by and the programmers are already using the updated version of C++ language, which is called C++11. AT this point a lot of modernizations, described in the C++11 standard are supported by most of the compilers. Can these modernizations help a programmer to avoid 64-bit errors? You may find the answer by reading the article “C++11 and 64-bit Issues

The article is organized in the following way: There is a description of a typical 64-bit error and then the author gives an idea of how it can be avoided, using C++11. We should say right away, that C++11 isn’t always able to help in some way. Only careful programming can really protect you from errors. The new standard is rather helpful, but it won’t solve all the problems.


We suggest downloading the PVS-Studio distribution kit and trying it on your project. We also should warn you that the demo version has only the warnings of the first level. In addition, there is a limited number of jump-clicks to the errors. To get a temporary key, so that you can get the full feeling of this tool, we are offering to write to us or use the feedback page (see article “Explanation about the PVS-Studio demo-version limitations“) We wish you bugless coding!

By Svyatoslav Razmyslov, Yevgeny Ovsyannikov

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