Twitter for C++ Programmers

This small post is for those programmers who use Twitter or are just about to start doing this.


First, you can use hashtags to search for interesting posts and, therefore, subscribe to pages of those authors whose links and comments you like to read. We suggest checking the following:

  • #cpp
  • #cplusplus
  • #cpp11 , #cpp14 , #cpp17
  • #programming
  • #opensource
  • #coding
  • #dev
  • #developers
  • #appsec
  • #visualc
  • #security
  • #github
  • #clang
  • #cert
  • #cppcon

Also, you may want to follow these people/organizations (just in case – no advertisement here):

  • Standard C++ – @isocpp – ISO C++ standards committee – ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21.
  • CppCon – @CppCon – The Conference for the Entire C++ Community.
  • Andrey Karpov – @Code_Analysis – The main direction of the activity is static analysis of source code of applications written in C/C++.
  • C++ Highlights – @cpphl – Linkblog about C++ and related tools and libraries: C++11, gcc, Clang, STL, Boost, Qt, POCO, Visual Studio etc.
  • VisualStudio – @VisualStudio – Follow us for the latest Visual Studio news and related information for developers.
  • James McNellis – @JamesMcNellis – C++ maven and generic programming aficionado. Lover of classical music and scotch. Senior engineer on the Microsoft Visual C++ team.
  • WalterBright – @WalterBright – Digital Mars C, C++, D programming language compilers, and Javascript compiler.
  • meetingcpp – @meetingcpp – Meeting C++ – European C++ Conference in Fall in Germany!
  • Andrei Alexandrescu – @incomputable
  • Sasha Goldshtein – @goldshtn – CTO of SELA Group, Microsoft C# MVP. Work interests: .NET internals, Windows internals, and production debugging. And also: reading, writing, and executing.
  • John Carmack – @ID_AA_Carmack – Oculus VR CTO.
  • Silviu Ardelean – @silviuardelean – C++ Software Engineer.
  • Visual C++ – @visualc – We are the Visual C++ team working in Visual Studio. Eric Battalio (@ebattalio) manages communication, etc.
  • Adam Sawicki – @Reg__ – Graphics Software Engineer.
  • Intel Software Feed – @intelswfeed – Tweet feed for newly published article and blog posts on the Intel Developer Zone. Account is managed by @GaelHof.
  • Biicode – @biicode – C/C++ dependency manager with a hosting service. Like Maven and Maven Central for Java.
  • Stewart Henderson – @__shenderson__ – C++ Software developer
  • “No bugs hare” – @NoBugsHare – Software architect tweeting about programming, gaming and IT humor.

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